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Tape Series Collections

Suitable for New Born.

Baby weight < 4.5kg (<10lbs)

34 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 230±20ml

Indonesia Eco Friendly Bamboo Diaper


Suitable for Infant (Up to 5 months)

Baby weight 3-8kg (6-16 lbs)

36 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 370±35ml

Indonesia Eco Friendly Bamboo Diaper
Indonesia Eco Friendly Bamboo Diaper


Suitable for Crawler (Up to 14 months)

Baby weight 6-10kg (13-22 lbs)

32 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 495±40ml

XL Front.png


Suitable for Junior (Up to 48 months)

Baby weight 12-17kg (29-40 lbs)

28 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 690±50ml

Indonesia Eco Friendly Bamboo Diaper


Suitable for Toddler (Up to 30 months)

Baby weight 9-14kg (20-31 lbs)

30 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 615±45ml

Pants Series Collections

Pants M


Suitable for Crawler (Up to 14 months)

Baby weight 6-11kg (13-24 lbs)

26 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 540±40ml

Pants L


Suitable for Toddler (Up to 30 months)

Baby weight 9-14kg (20-31 lbs)

24 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 680±50ml

Pants XL


Suitable for Walker (Up to 38 months)

Baby weight 12-17kg (27-38 lbs)

22 pcs / pack

Absorbency: 730±50ml

Our Certification


FSC 100 Certified

Our products are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


This means that our products are made from non-woven bamboo that did not harm our world’s forest.


Being FSC certified, our brand has complied with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.


OEKO-TEX Standard 100

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification (sustainable textile production) is a worldwide certification system for environmentally & socially responsible production facilities in the textile & clothing industry.


This means that our product is completely FREE from harmful chemicals & safe for human to use.


Eco Boom products received an OK-BIOBASED ★★ certification, an environmental protection label for bio-based low-carbon products in Belgium.

The OK-Biobased program aims to help companies improve the market competitiveness of renewable products, guiding consumers  in choosing environmentally-aware and conscious products.


How Sustainable is Bamboo?

  • Highly versatile, it can be grown in different climate

  • Fast growth which means it keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation.

  • Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases over 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere compared to an equivalent mass of trees. This makes bamboo excellent for absorbing greenhouse gases and producing clean, fresh oxygen.

  • Bamboo contains a natural bio-agent known as Bamboo Kun which is naturally anti-bacterial. It is so effective that it eliminates and prevents over 70% of bacteria that attempt to grow on it, whether this be in its natural or fabric form.

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